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Sustainability is at the core of every decision we make, from formulation to packaging and everything in between.  

Our aim is to create profitable growth in a sustainable way by developing products that are good for people without having a negative impact on the environment. Our priority will always have to be regulations that we are obliged to follow, but we are constantly working on innovation to find new solutions that can contribute to the full use of recyclable materials at all levels. 

As an international company we are committed to our social responsibility and have started our journey towards green growth. Our goal is to do more with less. This requires us to rethink and change our ways of doing things, as well as adapting to new ways of working and taking on new partnerships.  

Our initiatives  

Sustainable packaging  

In 2020 we initiated the process of changing our packaging to more sustainable materials. Our goal is to have fully sustainable packaging by 2023.  

Since we purchase materials from various parts of the world, we wish to make sure that all our suppliers, regardless of country, comply with our requirements. All production should be carried out in accordance with internationally recognized requirements relating to human rights, working conditions, the environment and anti-corruption.  


We are certified as an Eco-Lighthouse, the most used environmental management system in Norway. As an Eco-Lighthouse we work towards satisfying requirements and implementing environmental measures in order to create more environmentally friendly operations and safer work environments.  

Click here to read more about Eco-Lighthouse.

FSC labeled cardboard 

We care about the world’s forests. That is why we only use FSC labeled cardboard in our product boxes.  All the materials used in products bearing this label are sourced from forests that have been audited by an independent third party. This third party confirms that they are managed according to FSC’s rigorous social and environmental standards.  

Click here to read more about FSC labels.