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Collagen is a protein found naturally in the body. Starting in your 20s, the level of collagen in the body starts to decrease. A young person’s skin can contain as much as 80% collagen. In our mid 20s, the amount of collagen starts to fall by about 1-2% a year.

Collagen is the single most important factor in keeping wrinkles at bay and retaining your skin’s resilience and elasticity. When the skin loses its resistance to external influences such as sunlight, pollution, diet or smoking, it starts to develop lines and wrinkles.

Collagen is also found in protein-rich foods, but for the skin to take advantage of the collagen we eat, it must be broken down into specific peptide lengths. Proteins in food are not hydrolyzed, and therefore have no such effect on the skin.

The Solution™ Beauty collagen is a wrinkle-prevention product, and more specifically a collagen powder that you take orally that works from within. The product counteracts the skin’s aging process by signaling to the collagen production system to ramp up its production, thereby reducing lines and wrinkles. The collagen works on skin all over the body, not just the face, so it also helps reduce cellulite. A number of detailed studies can confirm this.

Read more about the studies here.

We are currently available in Denmark (osloskinlab.dk), Sweden (osloskinlab.se), Norway (osloskinlab.no), Finland (osloskinlab.fi), The Netherlands (osloskinlab.nl), the Czech Republic (osloskinlab.cz), Poland (osloskinlab.pl), and Slovakia (osloskinlab.sk). Please visit the correct website to ensure accurate shipping prices and that any relevant discount codes you may have work appropriately. If you are located in European country not listed above, we may still be able to ship to you from Sweden. Please email kundservice@osloskinlab.se for inquiries about shipping to your country. 

Oslo Skin Lab is owned by Norvital AS, one of Norway's leading companies within the sale of health products directly to the consumer and has been on the market since 1998. Norvital AS is affiliated with a dedicated specialist department that assists in developing products with ingredients that have strong documentation.

The studies that have been conducted show significant effects on skin when eating or drinking Verisol® collagen. This is the collagen we use in The Solution™. These effects are caused by the body’s collagen production system being ramped up due to signals given by the collagen peptides ingested. This way, the collagen going to your skin is being produced naturally, as opposed to being added by an external topical cream. Further, by eating or drinking the collagen peptides, you are treating all the skin on your body – not just on your face.

For optimal skin care, you should also add moisture and sun protection from typical skincare creams. Consult with professionals about which creams are best suited for your skin type.

There are different types of collagen. Type 1 works on your skin and type 2 works on your joints. The Solution™ contains type 1 collagen.

This type of collagen is special since the collagen protein is hydrolyzed, or broken down by enzymes, to form peptides to a chain of amino acids. It is this unique and controlled process in which specific enzymes break the collagen down into collagen peptides that is essential for the effect this product has on reducing wrinkles. These peptides (developed by Verisol®) have been proven in double-blind studies to have a good effect on skin elasticity, lines and wrinkles.

Read more about the studies here.

The Solution™ Beauty collagen both prevents and reduces wrinkles.  We suggest that consumers start taking the product in their mid 20s to prevent wrinkles, as this is when the levels of collagen start to fall in our bodies/skin. Starting at any age will help prevent further wrinkles, however. A reduced appearance of wrinkles and an overall improved appearance of skin can be seen on consumers who start taking the product as late as their 70s or 80s, though.

Collagen powder should be taken daily over time for best effects. Studies of facial skin have been conducted over a period of eight weeks, while the study involving cellulite was conducted over a period of six months. It does not matter if you forget to take the product for a day or two, but if you stop taking it all together, the effect will slowly disappear. You can take the powder at any time of the day.

Collagen is a protein already found in the body, so should not represent a risk. However, none of these products have been tested on pregnant or breastfeeding women – so we cannot make any 100% claims. We therefore recommend you chat with your doctor as to whether collagen supplements are OK or not in your specific case.

In 2014, the German company Gelita published study results regarding oral intake of collagen peptides with the Verisol® trademark. The results were sensational, with a total 20% reduction in wrinkle depth measured.

A study from 2013 shows that Verisol® collagen increases the elasticity of the skin by a total of 15% after just four weeks. A significant reduction in cellulite was recorded during a study that took place over six months. These results were published in 2015.

All of the studies are double-blind, randomized and placebo-controlled and published in reputable medical journals. 114 test participants (females) aged 45-65 years took part in the studies. Participants received 2.5 grams of Verisol® or a placebo once a day for eight weeks. There were 57 women in each group. Read more about the studies here.

A double-blind experiment or study is when neither the participant nor the person conducting the study knows which participant receives the active ingredient and which receives the placebo (pill without active ingredient). These are the same types of studies used for pharmaceuticals. Numerous skin care and beauty studies are performed on the basis of the test participants’ self-assessment.

Read more about the studies here.

The Solution™ Beauty collagen is a powder with a neutral smell and taste, which can be mixed into both food and drink, hot or cold. Take it as part of your daily morning routine, mix it into your coffee or tea, juice, yogurt, porridge, smoothie or simply in a glass of cold water.

Yes, the hydrolyzing collagen powder is extracted from bovine sources (cattle) during food production.

If you mix the powder with a liquid, it can sometimes form lumps. We suggest you stir it well then leave for a few minutes to allow it to dissolve before consuming.

As a member, you will always be entitled to a minimum 30% discount on the retail price of The Solution™ Beauty collagen. We also send a new shipment to you at the right time, so you don’t have to interrupt treatment. This is an additional service only and does not imply any commitment period or purchase obligation. If you want to stop or pause your shipments, simply contact our customer service: info@osloskinlab.us. You can also get in touch by phone: 866 OSLO LAB