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About Us

A holistic approach to beauty: At Oslo Skin Lab, we believe beautiful skin starts from within.

Where it started: Beauty from within 

Oslo Skin Lab founder Cecilie Nordstrøm has always been a firm believer that beautiful skin is made in the kitchen, not the bathroom – acknowledging how things you put in your body can affect your appearance.  

Before founding Oslo Skin Lab, Cecilie worked with dietary supplements and knew firsthand how much of an impact vitamins and minerals can have on your health. With this experience, combined with her interest in natural, holistic beauty from the inside-out, she set her mind on finding a beauty supplement that was truly proven to work with scientific, medical-grade studies to support it.  

Today, Oslo Skin Lab is in ten countries and counting. With many international awards under our belt, voted for by professionals and consumers alike, Oslo Skin Lab, the true ‘slow-aging’ company, is humbled to continue offering products that slow down the skin’s aging process and offer a true and natural difference in your skin’s appearance.  

Products with proven effects

Alongside our goal of science-backed products that truly work, we aim to offer natural and simple beauty supplements that make our customers feel more confident in the skin they are in.  

Our skincare products are simple to use and simple in ingredients with no unnecessary additives, just the ingredients you need to keep your skin looking its best. With our seamless membership plans that deliver your easiest skincare addition right to your doorstep, Oslo Skin Lab has kept its Scandinavian roots proud by offering a beauty product that fits right into your minimalistic skin care routine.  

Our Team 

Truer to our Nordic origins is our authentic approach to life and beauty. We are committed to being transparent, delivering quality, and providing the best service. The core of Oslo Skin Lab’s brand is embodied in the phrase “helping the skin help itself,” and our growing team is here as the help behind the scenes. We are all passionate and enthusiastic about helping your skin slow down and live in its youth as long as it can – so you can too. We value our friendly and supportive culture and hope that it shows through to our customers.  

Please strike up a conversation with us on Instagram, Facebook, or through our customer service to get to know us better and help us, help your skin.  

‘The surface of the skin reflects what is happening on the inside. Beauty and health are interlinked and giving the skin what it needs to help itself is the best technique for a lifelong glowing and smooth complexion.’ - Cecilie Nordstrøm, founder