About Us

The holistic approach to beauty: At Oslo Skin Lab, we believe beautiful skin starts from within.

Beauty from within

Together with topical care, inner treatments form a holistic approach to beauty. Our range offers carefully selected ingredients that are simple and safe, yet effective. Our treatments compliment and boost any existing routine and lay the basis for effective and wholesome skin care.

Our skincare product, The Solution™ collagen powder, has reformed beauty routines across Europe with its simple, effective and multifunctional approach to beauty – skincare minimalism at its best.


Oslo Skin Lab was founded in 2017 to introduce safe and well-documented inner beauty treatments to the growing beauty market in the Nordics.

Our Nordic origins are expressed through a natural and authentic approach to life and beauty. The core nature of Oslo Skin Lab is honest, pure and clean, embodied in our high-end materials and service.

Founder Cecilie Nordstrøm believes in helping the skin help itself. Her goal is to develop a range of inner beauty products fit for all skin types and for anyone who thinks beautiful skin is worth striving for, regardless of age.


We collaborate with scientists and experts to deliver products from safe, tested and studied ingredients. All our products are valid additions to any skin care routine for those looking to see natural and real results.


Our growing team is a passionate group who enthusiastically spread the ‘from-the-inside-out’ skincare philosophy far and wide. We value our conversational and supportive culture and want these values to show to our customers as well.

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‘The surface of the skin reflects what is happening on the inside. Beauty and health are interlinked and giving the skin what it needs to help itself is the best technique for a lifelong glowing and smooth complexion.’ - Cecilie Nordstrøm, founder