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The slow-aging concept

Slow down the skin’s aging process for a natural, youthful complexion

At Oslo Skin Lab, we celebrate aging. Every new lap around the sun brings us more wisdom, confidence, and memories with those we love. The wrinkles and lines that come with it are a low price we gladly pay for these tradeoffs, but what if we didn’t have to?  

We have no ambitions to try to erase all of life’s imprints, but instead aim to help you look your best at every stage of life. We do this by offering products that can soften lines and wrinkles while making the skin more elastic, smooth and supple. Our products bring a fresh, youthful glow to your skin and help slow down the development of new signs of aging.  

A full-circle approach to beauty 

Skin care no longer solely refers to topical creams and treatments for various skin benefits. Research has confirmed that supplying the body with certain ingredients from within can achieve effective external results which enhance traditional skin care routines. This approach to beauty both internally and externally has been accepted by many strong voices in the beauty industry, a trend reflected by the wide support of Oslo Skin Lab’s The Solution Beauty collagen via awards and customer reviews alike.  

The slow-aging concept 

The Solution Beauty collagen and Oslo Skin Lab’s other products work towards reducing signs of aging and improving the quality of your skin – helping you look young for your age, at every age. Our products slow down aging by both reversing some of the effects of sun damage, pollution, health and lifestyle choices and natural aging, as well as preventing such effects from occurring. In essence, Oslo Skin Lab helps you slow down the aging process so you can enjoy your fresh, youthful, and natural skin for as long as possible. This is ‘slow-aging’ skin care.  

Slow-aging is a response to anti-aging. It represents a change where we no longer strive for an eternally youthful appearance. We want to embrace the temptations that make life worth living, while learning how to take the best possible care of ourselves and our skin with routines that don’t interrupt the life we’re living. We want to be happy with our life, and happy with what we see in the mirror – regardless of age.