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How do I use The Solution™?

Can I mix the powder in anything? Do I have to take it at a particular time of day? Can I have it in hot drinks? These are questions we often receive, so we’ve put together instructions on how to use The Solution  and some inspiration for recipes if you feel like putting a twist on your classic morning “coffee & collagen” routine. 

1 - 2 –3 - It's that simple! 

  1. Open a stick pack
  2. Pour the powder into any food or drink
  3. Eat, drink and let the collagen work its magic!

The Solution is a collagen powder that is neutral in taste and smell, can be mixed with any food or drink and can be taken at any time of day. For drinks, pour a stick-pack, one daily dose, of The Solution collagen powder into your drink of choice – water, juice and coffee are the most popular options – and stir until it dissolves. You can also put a stick-pack of The Solution™ on your oatmeal, in salad dressing, or on any other food you prefer. Remember to make taking your collagen a part of your daily routine in order to reap the most benefits from your Oslo Skin Lab membership. 

Can it be mixed with hot drinks? What about fizzy drinks?  

The Solution can definitely be mixed in a hot drink – coffee and tea are two of our favorites! We do not recommend mixing The Solution™ in carbonated drinks, however, as it can cause your drink to bubble over. The same goes for champagne, no matter how much you want to celebrate your new skin!