Harper's Bazaar Anti-Aging Beauty Awards 2019

New beauty products that claim to delay aging and rejuvenate your skin come on the market every month. The beauty editors of the Czech Harper’s Bazaar test these products every year and decide which they think works the best. 

The Solution is award-winning


We are happy to announce that one of the winners this year for the Harper's Bazaar Anti-Aging Awards was The Solution™ Beauty Collagen. We were selected as the best choice within the food supplement category. 

The Solution™ is a collagen powder with a neutral odor and taste that, thanks to its composition, ensures that the elasticity of the skin is preserved and that the skin becomes smoother and wrinkles fade. The Solution™ can be mixed with any type of food or drink. 

By using The Solution, you will not suddenly look ten years younger, but you will both prevent and repair your skin from the “signs of time. We believe that aging is a natural process, and that it cannot be denied. Anti-aging cosmetics are developed to make you feel good at all ages and to ensure that you have fresh, glowing, healthy skin, regardless of your age. The beauty editors from Bazaar select products that have a pleasant composition and visible effect and that are easy to use. 

Winner of the Harper's Bazaar Anti-Aging Beauty Awards 2019 in the food supplements category. 


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