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Renate G: There are no miracle time-turners, but The Solution works

Renate G.

“Getting older is not a problem for me, but of course I want to slow down the aging process in the best and most natural way I can. After five months of using The Solution, my skin scans showed a 59% reduction in wrinkles and wrinkle depth. I also noticed that my skin changed as the months went by – the small lines disappeared and my face felt firmer.” - Renate G. 

Dutch TV profile Renate Gerschtanowitz (41) is brilliantly satisfied with the results she has had after using The Solution™ Beauty collagen. Renate says that she does not believe in miracle cures, but has to admit she’s very impressed with The Solution™.   

Fixing the skin from the inside 

Renate admits that she is not good at taking supplements, but feels that the bioactive collagen peptides in The Solution™, which come in powder form, are easier to make a part of her daily habit. The powder is odor and taste neutral, and is thus very easy to mix into a water glass or in the coffee in the morning.  

“It is completely new for me to work on my skin from the inside, but with the results that were seen on my skin scans, The Solution™ is definitely something I have the motivation to continue using. My mother has also started using it and is already noticing a difference, too,” she says. 

Renate loves The Solution